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Herculite Swine from BITUMEN & PORK, Battersea Arts Centre, 2014

CAIN, Bronze, 2014

Bronze Medlars, Alice-Andrea Ewing

Chicken bunting from BITUMEN & PORK, Battersea Arts Centre, 2014

Bronze Walnuts, Alice-Andrea Ewing

The installation BITUMENT AND PORK (Subsequently, CAIN) (2014) was created to mark the post-performance cabaret of FEAST by theatre company Clout. The group’s performance charted the gradual alienation of mankind through a framework of breakfast, lunch and dinner. BITUMEN AND PORK continued this theme in an allusion to the contemporary state of eating; the industrial output of food and the gradual gentrification of ‘good eating’. The work was documented in The Learned Pig as part of their Clean/Unclean Editorial. 

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