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Alice Andrea Ewing

Slaughden I, Bronze, Unique Cast

Alice Andrea Ewing

Alde, Unique Bronze Cast

Alice Andrea Ewing, Bronze Sculpture, Bronze Mobile

Ore, Unique Bronze Cast

WSS21 Loewe x Alice Andrea Ewing, Pomarius

Pomarius sculptures for Loewe SS21, Detail from the collection produced for SS21 Show-On-The-Wall

Creative Director Jon athan Anderson

Photography @thuethuethuethuethuethue

Alice Andrea Ewing x Loewe 2021

Pomarius X Loewe, Jewellery Collaboration, SS21 Loewe

Creative Director Jonathan Anderson

Photography @thuethuethuethuethuethue

Alice Andrea Ewing, Pomarius, Bronze Turk Figs

Turkish Figs by Pomarius, Bronze, Unique Casts,

Pomarius, Mushrooms, Alice Andrea Ewing

Inky Caps and Field Mushrooms by Pomarius, Bronze, Unique Casts;

Alice Andrea Ewing

Satsumas, Clementines, Lemon and Orange Slices  by Pomarius, Bronze, Unique Casts;

Alice Andrea Ewing, Bronze Sculpture, Duomo

Duomo, Bronze, Unique Cast

Alice Andrea Ewing, Bronze Sketch
Alice Andrea Ewing, Bronze Knot, Sculpture

Sketch (My Little), Bronze, Unique Cast

Bight (From Gordian Knot Series), Bronze, Unique Cast 

Alice Andrea Ewing, Bronze Mobile

The French Prince, Bronze & Horse Hair, Unique Cast

Alice Andrea Ewing, Bronze Mobile

Tidal Study [Spreads Her Meaning Out],  Bronze & Acrylic, Unique Cast

Ada Kaleh Alice Andrea Ewing Freddie Mason.JPG
Ada Kaleh Alice Andrea Ewing.jpg
Ada Kaleh _Alice Andrea Ewing.jpg

Ada Kaleh, 64pp Limited edition, published by Little Island Press.

Illustrations by Alice Andrea Ewing, written by Freddie Mason.

Aubergines  Alice, Andrea Ewing, Pomarius

Baby Aubergines by Pomarius, Bronze, Unique Casts;

Educational & Participatory Projects

See also and for more information on projects and those not listed here

The Portable Foundry Project _ Alice Andrea Ewing
Noye's Fludde: Procession, Alice Andrea Ewing, The Portable Foundry Projct

Workshop shot & 5/45 bronze sculptures from 'Noye's Fludde: Procession' (2015). A participatory project with students from Woodbridge Primary, Kyson Primary, Woodbridge School & St Mary's Mary School responding to Benjamin Britten's children's opera Noye's Fludde. The project entailed a wax modelling workshops, visit to the studio to see their works cast in bronze and an installation of the finished sculptures at Snape Matings, Suffolk, for the 2015 Proms. Delivered through The Portable Foundry Project

Curious Minds Ewing Artlink.jpeg

'Curious Minds' is a pilot project, delivered through the collaboration of partners Suffolk Artlink, Suffolk Libraries, Suffolk Museums and NHS services. 6 week long, creative programmes were developed in response to Suffolk Museum collections at locations including the Ipswich Transport Museum and the Food Museum Stowmarket. These workshops were delivered on site and utilised local NHS social prescription referral services for participant recruitment. The workshops were advertised and delivered as part of this service, looking to foster confidence and well being in participants through engagement with creativity and material processes. Suffolk Mind supported training in Mental Health First Aid  ahead of delivery for all artists taking part. Alice Andrea Ewing was one of five artists leading on the pilot and designed and delivered two programmes in Stowmarket and Eye between 2022-23. 

The Portable Foundry Project _ Mint Market
The Portable Foundry Project _ Alice Andrea Ewing

Workshop shot & bronze coins from 'Mint Market' (2020), a project with Art Foundation students at West Suffolk College, artist Emily Godden, and supported by Suffolk Libraries. Taking the Bury St Edmund Mint used during the 13th - 16th centuries as a starting point, students responded to themes of value, materialism, and 'cultural currency' through the production of their own currency. The Coins and a VR game utilising the designs were produced and exhibited as part of a virtual exhibition. The casting of the coins and a trip the foundry by students were delivered through The Portable Foundry Project. 

BLOC x The Portable Foundry Project
BLOC x The Portable Foundry Project

Details from an installation at Thurston Library for BLOC, one of two projects delivered as an Artist Facilitator (2018-2020); following a series of drawing, clay and wax modelling workshops, bronze sculptures modelled by students from Year 6 Thurston Primary School were exhibited for the Summer at the library. Works were inspired by students' favourite literary characters or books. 

Juneau Projects X Portable Foundry Project
Juneau Projects x Portable Foundry Project

Collaboration with Juneau Projects and Trumpington Primary School. Images show details from the wax modelling workshop with students from Trumpington Primary School and part of the final permanent installation at the school. The project was led by Juneau projects with the theme and works produced by students inspired by native British birds. The cast birds are now installed at the school as part of a larger outdoor an indoor display. 

he Portable Foundry Project Scratch Workshop.JPG
The Portable Foundry Project Scratch Workshop.JPG

Details from scratch mould/sand casting workshop at the foundry with A level and GCSE students from Hartismere Academy (2017).

Humber Birds (Medium) Juneau Projects _ The Portable Foundry Project.jpg

Detail from sculptures produced with Juneau Projects and North Lincolnshire Museum. Skyline, Treetop Messenger was delivered during the first UK lockdown, using our postal kits and online wax workshops, participants modelled native birds in response to the redesign and new curation of the museum's bird specimen collection.

Vision Norfolk Portable and Foundry Project.jpg

A studio/foundry trip by Vision Norfolk's children's group as part of their project with us. Participants produced both their own sculptures and a collective plaque (with cast hand written braille and low relief drawings) for the main site in Norwich. 

Me Time _ Alice Andrea Ewing.jpeg

Detail from a community display created as part of Contaɪnər Projects, a creative initiative in response to the Covid-19 crisis. Collaborating with artists May Cornet and Emily Richardson, a shipping container in Woodbridge was repurposed for cultural activity and workshops whilst access to travel was restricted and many nursery and parent groups suspended due to restrictions on local libraries. The main programme at the space consisted of a 6 week workshop series for new parents during lockdown - an opportunity to meet safely and undertake simple mindful and creative activities. A community event was also hosted during the project, serving free food and drink from local caterers (many of whom began trading during lockdown) alongside outdoor activities for young families. This project was delivered with the support of East Suffolk Council and the charity HomeStart. 

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